Huduma Fasta, LLC is registered and is based in Mombasa, Kenya. Currently led by three-team executive members and currently have our offices located at the TechBridge Invest Hub.

We started as a hackathon supported by Facebook Developers Circle Mombasa, Andela and TechBridge Invest Africa with the theme of using technology to solve community problems in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in which we won an incubation and currently going through an acceleration program at the TechBridge Invest Africa Hub.

We are a data-driven end-to-end solution for doctors, hospitals, users and drivers to help solve health and emergency service access problem with one of the most advanced reasoning technology one of its kind in Africa. With our App Fastisha Pro, we aim to provide frictionless access to health & emergency help from service providers to users in Africa.

With our partners, we are aligning ourselves to provide top-notch access to health and emergency services at an aim to help save lives and rebuilding the Emergency Service framework.

Reuters/Thomas Mukoya

For years in Kenya, there has been no organized framework for accessing help from Health and Emergency Services providers; mothers lose their lives and/or children on their way to the hospitals to give birth, most of the available emergency numbers are either outdated and not working or they are hard to get and very expensive to use. The emergence of organized gangs has made it even hard to get help when they strike. In 2019, 14 people were killed by machetes wounds in Mombasa County, most of which were due to over bleeding before getting help.

According to 2019 Kenya Population census, Mombasa County has about 1.2 Million people. Despite having a good number of health facilities, ambulance companies, organized police system and modern fire brigade, more people lose their lives because they cannot access to Emergency help easily and on time. Out of this population, 70% do not have any defined way of accessing help in times of distress.

Hard work truly pays, after procrastinating for almost a month in June 2019, and having a team with whom we couldn’t build a prototype for our proposed smart-bin project, I had to come up with something I was so passionate about. I woke up one morning, 5 days to deadline and started coming up with drawings of what could revolutionized the Emergency Service provider’s framework.

Earlier on in June 2019, I registered to participate in the Facebook’s sponsored, Facebook Developer Circles Mombasa’s Hackathon, which was a global hackathon to find solutions to community problems using technology aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s). And we had 30 days to submit our projects for vetting. Little did I know this was an opportunity for me to create something impactful and amazing.

Without a computer or laptop to install Android Studio or VS code and my meagre knowledge at the time, in mobile applications, Java or Flutter, I had to think fast. I used my 5-year-old broken smartphone and did a quick google search. I stumbled on an app, that can help newbies create simple mobile apps on a mobile phone and be able to run, share or even upload on Google PlayStore. I started to design the Huduma Fasta Mobile App and as they say, the rest is history.

What really was my inspiration, maybe you might be wondering. Probably not a good story. About a year ago, my 2 year old son fell sick abruptly at night, in fact I didn’t even recognize what was happening amidst the wake of the night I heard some moans and sounds of struggle coming from my son’s room, I rushed there as fast as I could only to find my son having seizures.. it’s been too long I haven’t seen someone in such state. I think he couldn’t breathe, he seemed to be going through a painful moment as well, for a moment – I froze.

I tried to comfort him, and put him in recovery position. I tried to call for an ambulance, but I couldn’t get a working number. I panicked, I called my dad and he was able to organize a private transport to come take us to the hospital. His situation stabilized as we were on the way. We went to a nearby clinic but shortly referred us to Coast Province General Hospital, I panicked, I felt helpless but I had to stay strong. We arrived at CPGH and my son was admitted.

This is the situation that meets hundreds of people every month. The unexpected can meet you any day at any time, accidents strike when you least expect. With Huduma Fasta’s Fastisha Emergency Service Mobile App, we want to ensure that we provide an end-to-end solution for doctors, users, service providers and EMT drivers where users can easily initiate distress signals and get the help, they need within the shortest time possible.

Huduma Fasta Limited, the creator of Fastisha Emergency Service Mobile App is a data-driven startup that connects users to closest available Health & Emergency Service providers, and alerts their emergency contacts for quick help in times of distress.

It is an innovative mobile application that allows our users to access valuable information that can assist them when they are in an emergency. A user is able to press a button and get to see all available Hospitals, Police Stations, Ambulances, Fire brigade, among others depending on their need, and get to access their contact information, which they can use to request for evacuation or assistance.

The app also sends a distress text to defined Emergency contacts who can then call the user and find ways of how they can help. Furthermore, the app sounds an alarm so that close-by people can get alerted and try to help the person needing help.

The app contains value-added services to further assist our users’ access to other Health related services easier and more efficiently. These includes:

1. Fastisha e-doctor bot: This allows the users to easily get to input their symptoms through a simple chat interface and by the use of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence, the app is able to give the user a score of the possible underlying disease and if they need to consult a doctor as soon as possible, or not. It also allows the user to schedule an appointment with a registered verified doctor all through a chat interface.

2. Drive mode: This feature allows the user to set a destination, and the app can send a distress text with GPS coordinates, close-by hospitals addresses among other important details to enable the user get help easier when incase they are involved in an accident. This is done automatically, but can be cancelled by a user in case it a false alarm.

3. Locate Family: This very innovative helpful handy feature allows a user to track the last known location of a user by inputting their unique code.

4. Safety Tips: This offers safety and emergency tips. It may come handy in helping others before real help arrives. Getting to know First Aid, CPR, emergency and Safety Tips is a fundamental right for us to learn towards one another.

5. Incident Report: With this feature, users will be able to report what’s happening around them, get others to follow them, get updates and keep themselves and families safer.

Please check out our mobile app: https://bit.ly/fastisha and be sure to leave a comment and a rating on Google PlayStore. For support, be sure to check out our support page for more options.

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